Video Interviews (News Media)

Video Interviews (News Media)

Thanks to the excellent work of skintagainnow, the KSFIOM Depositors Action Group now has its own YouTube channel where he has been posting videos related to our cause. You can find them here

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Youtube viewing chart - who's watching our video's

Viewing figures on our youtube video's, these figures are for the period 8th Oct >17th Nov and represent our share of the total number of all video's viewed on Youtube over that period, and the poplarity of the video's by country.

Your channel is most popular in these countries/states.

Iceland 0.3
Cyprus 0.22
United Kingdom 0.19
Azerbaijan 0.13
Nigeria 0.1
Bahrain 0.09
Singapore 0.08
Australia 0.07
South Africa 0.04
Malta 0.04

Youtube steaming video without download breaks.

With Youtube and the video clips, something I've just found out - probably not news to many of you, but as this is my first adventure into web streaming video I'm still learning, no doubt will be the same for a few more members.

When you click on one of the clips, wait until it first starts to play, then immediately click on pause, this can be left in another window whilst you go off and do something else either on your PC or make a cuppa, keep checking the window until the red bar is fully across the clip screen, then click to play, this gets rid of those annoying breaks while the stream downloads into the viewer pane.

Who said "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"

BBC North West - The politics show 16~11~2008

The Politics show, Sunday 16th Novemeber 2008,

BBC North West Politics Show - the interviews

The interviews :

Stuart Roberts
Keith Woods
Tony Brown MHK (Chief Minister IoM)
Bernard Moffatt (Trade union council)

BBC North West Politics Show - AD-1

Alistair Darling interviewed on the show, although many questions were sent by members, none were included. The report stayed with other topics - pre-budget speach next week, employment, state of the economy, no questions were put to the chancellor with respect to Iceland or the banking issue's.

BBC North West Politics Show - AD-2

House of Commons debate 6~11~2008

Many thx to Mary Creagne MP (Wakefield) for her actions and commitment to get this debate at such short notice.

(Part 1)

Split into 3 parts,

Part 1 Mary Creagne outlines the position

Part 2 Additional input

Part 3 Ian Pearson MP (Business and Enterprise Minister) reply

nothing here unexpected, government reply from one not so wise monkey this time, but just as unprepared for the task ahead as were his masters of two days ago, and they all had prepared scripts too.

The rest of the summary is a complete blatant rip off of Matts post Thx Matt :-) I owe ya)

First of all, sincere thanks to Mary Creagne to raising this in the House. Well delivered gave the facts and sumarized the personal consequences.

Pearson? Well, he obvously got the short straw, was stitched up or is trying to brown nose his way up the ladder by taking the sh***y jobs; everything was read from a script and any HMG lacky could have delivered it.

Leaving the 'arse covering' sound bites of 'its not our fault', 'its not our problem', 'we did the right thing', 'Darling & Brown are the messiahs' etc, there were some very interesting and pertinant points made;

'Before the 8th of Oct, KSF IOM had taken to depositing funds with KSF UK. A practice that resulted from concerns that the IOM authorities had about the position of KSF IOMs parent company in Iceland' - That placing the money with a sister company in the UK was safer than with the parent in Iceland.

'[Pearson] understands this action was taken following discussions with the FSA in which certain aspects of the regime applied by the FSA to KSF UK were described....' {NOTE. The last part of this could not be understood as the audio is poor and Pearson mumbles}

'[Pearson's] information is that the FSA did not advise or require these deposits to be made. Furthemore [Pearson] understand that these discussions did not extend to the giving of any specific assurances by the FSA, for example that KSF UK would be able to repay the money or that KSF IOM would be treated preferentially in the case of an insolvancy. And that at all times the supervision of KSF IOM has remained the responsibility of the IOM authorities. The FSA has had no power over it'

' [Pearson's] understanding is that KSF IOM had some £532M of deposits in KSF UK and they can be expected to recover a proportion of this from the insolvancy process. It is [Pearsons] view that given the lack of clarity that remains about the winding up of KSF in Iceland gives depositors in KSF IOM are likley to be better off than if these sums had been deposited with the parent company. That under UK insolvancy law KSF IOM ranks like any other creditor of KSF and KSF IOM would have been fully aware of this it could have chosen to put its money elsewhere. Indeed KSF IOM was only one of a number of depositors with KSF UK that was not protected by the UK Financial Services compensation scheme.

The FSA could not have given KSF IOM advanced warning of events any more than it could have done so for other parties. To do so would have been highly inappropriate.

On the question of whether depositors in the IOM ... had any choice in the matter of opening offshore accounts or whether non-UK residents are forced to open accounts offshore I can confirm that this is not the case there is no legal bar under UK Financial Services regulation that prevents a non-UK resident individual opening a new bank account [onshore]....

... No Derbyshire customers depositors deposits were moved to [KSF IOM] by the Derbyshire other than on the instruction of the member depositor. And they would not have been covered by the UK compensation scheme before they were transfered to KSF IOM anyway.

So. Now we know. HMG cant answer the questions, its not their problem anyway and IOM is on its own. Nothing new except that we can be assured that HMG have simply not got a clue. Me angry? Not half matey!!!

Youtube Viewing Chart - expat is off top spot

For the first time since setting up the site and monitoring viewing figures Steve (expat) and the :- Steve & J Willoughby interview 16 10 2008 has been knocked off top spot, the new surprising leader is C4 Faisal Islam interviews Rt Hon. Alister Darling (MP).

On another note anyone who has recordings of Jenren's spot with Jon Snow just about the first mention we have on TV and the Borders coverage of the petition in IoM 20th October. Please get in touch - if you have them in digital media all the better.
Also any other clips that are missing from the youtube collection, again get in touch and I'll upload them to the site.


glad to see things are moving on, what we want is darlings stumbling performance up there!!

Darling TSC video is here

  • see TSC post below

Tony Brown MHK Press conference 04~11~2008

From IoM Today

Watch Chief Minister Tony Brown speak to the Isle of Man media at this afternoon's press conference held at Government Offices

TONY BROWN: 'We are not asking the UK for any favours, but they do have a constitutional responsibility to represent us internationally. We have also pointed out, in support of depositors with the local bank, that the closure of Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander in the Isle of Man was the direct result of actions taken by the UK Government'

Plus an extract from the editorial,
Published Date:
04 November 2008
'UNFORTUNATE' and 'ill-informed' comments made about the Isle of Man by the UK Chancellor have threatened to escalate into a diplomatic row.
At an urgently called press conference on Tuesday, Chief Minister Tony Brown called for Alistair Darling to clarify his words to the Treasury Select Committee investigating the banking crisis in which he talked about the need to have a 'long hard look about the relationship' between the UK and the Isle of Man.

Accused by the committee's deputy chairman, Michael Fallon, of 'washing his hands' of the interests of British investors who had put their money in the Isle of Man, Mr Darling replied: 'Having looked at what has happened over the last few months, we really do need to have a long hard look about the relationship between this country and the Isle of Man, a tax haven sitting in the Irish Sea.

C4 Faisal Islam interviews John Fallon (MP) Deputy Chair TSC

C4 Faisal Islam interviews John Fallon (MP) Deputy Chair Treasury Select Committee interview ~ Note this interview was on 31 st October 2008 therefore prior to the meeting.

This article in the bbc news from March 2008 makes very good reading when viewed along with this report and the John Sparks video report (also on our youtube site).

Quite why the Treasury Select Committee didn't follow up it's own summary as detailed in the bbc item ????

C4's John Sparks report 31 October 208

From C4's website

Last Modified: 31 Oct 2008
By: John Sparks

The recent collapse of Iceland's biggest banks has cost thousands of British savers and investors hundreds of millions of pounds.

Tonight Channel 4 News can reveal that the British government and the financial regulator were aware of serious problems in the Icelandic banking system as early as March, but chose to take no action.

Should customers, particularly institutional investors, like charities and local government bodies, have been informed?


This article in the bbc news from March 2008 makes very good reading when viewed along with this report and the John Fallon (MP) Deputy Chair Treasury Select Committee interview (also on our youtube site).

TCS video now online, sorry didn't realise it had been rejected

TCS video now online, sorry didn't realise it had been rejected as too long, now split into 2 and links there to view.

TCS meeting 03~11~2008 -- THE Video

OOpppss sorry didn't realise this was rejected as too long, split into 2 parts :-

Part 1

Part 2

Our 4 key questions were raised and answered after a fashion, certainly not fully.
AD skirted around many of the questions and simply didn't answer others as usual with politico's ie British depositors having to have an offshore account, and giving a wide berth with any direct answer to any question. However more importantly for us Nor did he completely rule out UK government intervention.

Didn't like the tax haven comments - pray do tell how (if we had any money left to deposit) do you avoid tax's. In addition if some of his comments are going to be this governments forward approach then Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey are finished as seperate entities with their own regulations and possible governments - banking in these British Islands will be an absolute no-no.

FSA > FSC - FSA claim they didn't request FSC and that it was the final decision of the directors where to deposit funds, they may have advised the FSC on how they regulate banks in the UK.

All in all it's not a slammed door tightly locked, but one very very slightly ajar, and with plenty of room to get in for more questions.

C4 interview Faisal Islam ~ Alistair Darling (MP) Chancellor of

Hot off the press :-

Quoted Directly from C4 website

Last Modified: 24 Oct 2008
By: Faisal Islam

Chancellor Alistair Darling responds to accusations that he 'over egged' the inability of the Icelandic government to reimburse British savers.

KSF depositor comment.

Watch the video, unfortunately head & shoulders only but still lots of tell tales - wouldn't make a good poker player, unless of course he wants us to believe he's bluffing, when in fact he's not, is he that good an actor??? I leave that to the individual.

Apologies but can't get the last few seconds of the interview - lets hope nothing realy important.

John Snow 23~10~2008 Ziggy & John McFall (MP)

John Snow interviews Ziggy and John McFall (MP) Chairman Treasury Select Committee, informative interview with Ziggy highlighting the concerns of KSF Depositors Action Group to John Snow and John McFall (MP), who in turn raises a question over the Chancellors statement of the 8th October. John McFall (MP) states the Treasury Select Committee will be looking for answers from the Chancellor Alistair Darling (MP) re - the statement Iceland was not prepared to honour it's obligations to UK depositors.

To be noted from the interviews :-

Public perception of Off- shore banking still has Tax evasion / avoidance and money laundering at it's core, however this was a general statement and failed to exclude the well regulated area's of the British Islands. This is something the governments of the British Islands of the IoM, Jersey and Guernsey must refute if we are to make headway with the public and media at large.

C4 Nick Martin IoM 23~10~2008 (youtube vid link)

"Nick Martin C4 comments quoted from C4 web site"
The Isle of Man's chief minister tells Channel Four News it holds the British government responsible for the financial problems on the island.

Tony Brown said the decision to put Kaupthing, Singer and Friedlander into administration in the UK caused the parent bank in Iceland to collapse and the Isle of Man subsidiary to go into temporary liquidation.

The government has not promised to reimburse 10,000 Britons who had deposited £840 million on the Isle of Man and a court on the island will decide if the bank should be wound down, with depositors losing any savings over £50,000.

DAG comments,

In addition to the above this program also includes interviews with Steve Thomas and Paul Germaine.
Steve's third interview with the media, here he gives the views of the action group for the way forward.
Paul with his own personal account of how / why the IoM and his savings, this reflects the circumstances of many other depositors on the site.


Our area at youtube is ksfIoMdepositorsAG

1) if everyone is agreed and Ok with the format I'll get the recording software (evaluation copy at the moment)

2) can one of legal eagles contact me re - copyright - what we need to put in place so fully covered to reproduce, or if the media channels themselves were to contact and give necessary permissions?

3) I will require additional permissions on the site to edit / delete from this "topic" ie this comment and any resulting thread

4) longer programs "agree best format" - either split into individual interviews or leave as complete (so far don't think any exceed 10mins)

5) please send me links to other interviews / reports (currently working on the C4 with Icelandic PM)

6) anything else to add in here??

Permissions to delete/edit comments

Can be done I think, need to make a Group and make you the "manager" for the Group.

BBC 12~10~2008 Steve, Stuart & Tony Brown MHK

Folks - I need to find more of these news clips, tolling through all the posts, news channels is taking a h**l of a long time. If you know of any other stories out there simply email me the link and I'll do the rest.

To all of you, 2 days ago I knew nothing of youtube / streaming video's and the rest, I've no money left, no work, 54 years old, staying with friends, can't join any of the guy's in London or IoM, feeling pretty useless sat down thought what can I do help. Then saw a couple of posts where some couldn't access UK media channels in the countries where they are. Bingo that's something I can do to help, don't know anything about it - but hell I can learn that's why they used to pay me a good salary, it might not be much in the grand scheme of things but it's my little bit.

COME ON everyone sit down think WHAT can I do to help, ng & the moderators need help drop them an email - we're all highly educated professionals - one of the first things we were taught at navy school - you don't need to know everything - you just need to know where to find the information on anything -- stuck with me for 30 odd years now... GET out there find something you can help with.

No video - Radio only

Alan Bell IOM Treasury Minister expaining the current position of KS&F on Friday on Manx Radio.
Go to
click on Talking Heads 2 under Friday Shows to get the 'wma' file to play in Media Player. It can also be saved by right clicking.
The interview is optimistic about recovering assets and more news is likely to follow. He is also on Manx radio on Sunday 19/10 at 12.00 noon (should also be on internet). Tuesday's Tynwald questions will also be covered by Manx radio.

Ruth's Story BBC South 13~10~2008

C4 14~10~2008 Nick Martin interviews S.Roberts & R&D Johnston

C4 14~10~2008 John Snow interviews Geir Haarde

Steve ~ J Willoughby Douglas 16-10-2008

Steve interviewed by J Willoughby (ITV Border News), Douglas, IoM 16th October 2008

More From the IOM, moving in the right direction

14th November 2008
‘Positive’ meeting with Lord Chancellor
CHIEF Minister Tony Brown MHK says his meeting with Lord Chancellor Jack Straw to discuss relations between the Isle of Man and the United Kingdom was positive and reassuring.

The meeting, held in London yesterday (Thursday November 13, 2008), was requested by Mr Brown following recent public comments by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, suggesting that the relationship should be reviewed.

The Chief Minister said:

‘Our meeting with the Lord Chancellor was most positive. I am pleased that we have received assurances that the United Kingdom has no plans to examine the constitutional relationship between us – a relationship which remains robust and is clearly defined by a framework signed between our two governments in 2007.
‘As well, we had helpful discussions regarding the Kaupthing Singer Friedlander Bank situation.’
The Chief Minister added:

‘The United Kingdom Government recognises that the Isle of Man has been a leading proponent in efforts to bring greater transparency and fairness to cross-border financial transactions by signing Tax Information Exchange Agreements, TIEAs. This was recognised by the OECD when the Isle of Man signed its TIEA with the UK last month.’

Derby Telegraph

Met up with Chris mallet today Front page cover on the Derbyshire Building Society will appear tomorrow

Derby Telegraph

Met up with Chris mallet today Front page cover on the Derbyshire Building Society will appear tomorrow


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