Participation list

Participation list


I've been getting a few emails from depositors concerned to make sure they're name is included on the list of supporters for the legal representation on the Isle of Man.

Please go to the first posting about Legal Representation Donations here

and use the link entitled 'Please record your payment by clicking here' which takes you to a form that has already been filled out by a good number of you.

If you have not filled in this form or if you are concerned that something went wrong the first time you filled it in (unlikely) then please fill it in now. If you cannot donate at this stage it doesn't matter, just leave the 'payment method' box blank and put a zero in the donation amount box.

This list will be audited before being presented to John Wright to ensure that we do not have double counting and to reconcile donations per the list to those received via PayPal and the bank.

This list will not be publicly available to protect depositors' privacy but the total number of people on the list will be announced via this website before it is presented to John Wright.

[addition by ng: ]

To register your donation: Please email ksfiomlegal(?)googlemail [dot] com with a short email which includes: Your Name, Address, User Name, amount paid and method of payment.


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