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Author: Elpasout


Not sure if you are aware of the parlous position of the many British depositors of Kaupthing Isle of Man?
Would you please try and find a few minutes in your busy schedule and visit the link below?

This is a website created for the many depositors that appear to have lost everything with the collapse of Kaupthing Bank – Isle of Man.

In particular please look at the Losses Section and perhaps some of the Stories.

Like many others I am a British Expat ( I am still a director in ********) and have had funds for my pension wiped out completely.

In a nutshell, the actions of British Government in freezing the assets of Kaupthing UK using Anti-Terror laws led the the Icelandic Government, which had just nationalised the parent bank Kaupthing hf, "withdrawing its support" (in the words of Aiden Docherty - MD of Kaupthing IOM). 60% of the funds of Kaupthing IOM were loaned the the UK operation and it could now not access these OR the 25% funds loaned to Icelandic parent bank!

Although Brit Gov has funded a "rescue" of Kaupthing UK via ING, it wants no responsibility for the IOM bank (quite right of course - IOM is not part of the UK). But it should recognise that its actions directly brought about the downfall of the Isle of Man bank. Neither is the Iceland Gov prepared to honour the parental guarantee from Kaupthing hf given to the Isle of Man Gov for its subsidiary!

As a result there are thousands of British depositors who seem to have been hung out to dry. These are not the super rich, tax evaders. Many, like myself, are expats, retired or just working abroad, who can no longer have a UK bank account without a UK address. Most of us are UK tax payers and will have signed for disclosure under the European Directive.

The BBC has shown some interest already and a few small article have appeared - but it needs a lot more exposure.

Any help you can give to bring this issue to the fore will be invaluable.
Kind regards,


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