Please attend the Treasury Committee meeting

Please attend the Treasury Committee meeting


Monday 3rd November at 4pm


Portcullis House, Grimond Room, Portcullis House, London, SW1A 2LW

Meeting point

I have confirmed this meeting IS open to the public, for those of you who can make it lets meet at Westminster underground station main entrance.


Please note:
Since the introduction of the Terrorism Act it has been illegal to demonstrate in the zone around parliament so we cannot have a formal demonstration at this meeting. That said, the police got around this when they wanted to highlight their plight for fair pay. Rather than break the law by marching, they held a mass queue outside Parliament where they silently queued up - the media took notice!

What I suggest we do:
1 - Meet at Westminster underground station main entrance at 2.30pm.
2 – I will print off some small tags with the KSF IOM DAG logo and distribute these to you at the station.
3 - We attend the Treasury Committee meeting without wearing the tags (again we need to be careful as badges etc are technically also illegal – but we will be wearing name tags).
4 – At the end of the meeting, we affix the tags and collectively seek any media opportunity to highlight our plight.
5 – Please indicate if you can attend this meeting by making a post here – please do not dilute this thread with any other comments.

If there are enough of us we WILL get noticed.

Directions :

Directions to Portcullis House via the Underground:
Portcullis House is above Westminster underground station. To reach the entrance, walk out of the main entrance of Westminster Tube Station (on Bridge Street) and turn left. Take the first left you come to before the bridge (Victoria Embankment) and it is the first building on your left.

Portcullis House is part of the Parliamentary Estate and you will be security checked on entry. The public entrance is via the centre doors and we should aim to arrive as early as possible; space is limited and places cannot be booked in advance.


A map showing the location of Portcullis House can be found at

TCS meeting

Just watched the important part through again (will have it on ytube asap) and certainly not a slam dunk.

He skirted around many of the questions and simply didn't answer others as usual with politico's ie British depositors having to have an offshore account, and giving a wide berth with any direct answer to any question. Nor did he completely rule out UK government intervention.

FSA > FSC - FSA claim they didn't request FSC and that it was the final decision of the directors where to deposit funds, they may have advised the FSC on how they regulate banks in the UK.

All in all it's not a slammed door tightly locked, but one very very slightly ajar, and with room to get in for more questions.

Bad news from the TSC meeting

Having seen the TSC video it seems to me that the FSA and Darling are washing their hands and putting the entire responsibility for the transfer of 550 Million on KSF IOM. We are being regarded as only one of the creditors and darling is definately using this against the offshore banking on the British isles

Heart on floor

I'm afraid that was my initial reaction too.
Heart on the floor
How can he basically say tough - KSF is no difference to any other unsecured creditor?
Its one huge amount form one source.

Kiss or money good bye folks !

Just watched The Muppet Show online ...... they are totally washing their hands of the IOM !

Our £550m is sunk in the general pot of funds for KSF London .... we will not get it back from what Darling said !

I am fuming !!!!!!

So much for all the "behind the scenes" stuff Expat !

Everthing was made clear by Darling.


Just watched The Muppet Show online ...... they are totally washing their hands of the IOM !

Our £550m is sunk in the general pot of funds for KSF London .... we will not get it back from what Darling said !

I am fuming !!!!!!

So much for all the "behind the scenes" stuff Expat !

Everthing was made clear by Darling.

I agree, we are sunk

I agree, I imagine its going to be perhaps 20p on the epound plus the compensation scheme

I will attend TSC Meeting

I'LL go Sorry to comment but I need to ask
I need help with expenses, Anyone who wants to go from the lancs/yorks area or I can pick up M6 south or M1 south. Got a 7 seater. It's cheaper than the train if I can fill the car. I can't believe I need to ask when I had 100's of thousands £'s.
If we go early could demonstrate outside E&Y first.

Hope you make it to the Treasury Committee meeting

Hi aikom, indeed these are hard times for many of us - you are not alone. Hope you were able to link up with some supporters and will be able to make it down to London today.

Well I can't attend but wish

Well I can't attend but wish you good luck.

Our questions will be heard and there is still time, please send them in and jiggle them about.

Banking Crisis Inquiry
The Committee has invited the Rt. Hon. Alistair Darling MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, and Lord Adair Turner, Chairman, Financial Services Authority to appear at 4pm on Monday 3 November.
Thank you for sending us the questions that you would like to be answered is this evidence session, or your comments generally. The Committee will ask as many of the questions submitted as possible.
Please note:
* Questions can be submitted up to 48 hours before the hearing.
* The Committee regrets it cannot accept any other form of submission apart from email to the following address: bankingcrisis(?)parliament [dot] uk
* Submissions should take the form of questions rather than statements and should be no longer than 100 words. If you wish to remain anonymous, please state clearly at the beginning of the email.
* The Committee regrets that not all questions submitted can be guaranteed to be asked.
* The Session can be watched on


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