Contacts and Useful addresses

Contacts and Useful addresses

To contact the administrators of this site, please use the Site Administration link above.

Email addresses, Physical addresses and telephone numbers of contacts who may be of some help or have possible influence.

Please send as many emails, letters and phone calls to these people as you can. Be courteous and non-aggresive; lets not alienate them as they may just be our saviour/s. However, we must not let anyone be under the impression that this will blow over and we will just go away.

When there is multimillion pound bank robbery the authorities are on the case until the culprits are caught, punished and funds returned to the rightful owners. The 'authorities' have left us out to dry so it is up to us to catch the culprits and return our money (maybe then the Authorities can hand out the punishment).

Obama the new President

We are turning a corner ......

Obama loves off-shore finance

Obama loves off-shore finance ... NOT

A bad corner if things don't get sorted before he takes office, IMO.

Action plan

Personal stories are helpful to grab media attention as well as giving comfort to all of us in this awful situation. it is good to know we are not alone. However this is a political and economic issue that will only get resolved by 1) getting enough noise and leverage to make a difference in Parliament and 2) getting the KIoM bank aquired by a healthy financial institution that will fast forward a positive result for depositors. So what is the best path for us on each of these fronts?

Politicians only care about getting reelected so we need to vote with our feet, and get enough voters involved to make a difference. Pols may say they care for voters on a personal level, but I am pretty cynical on this one. So I think they will not really be interested in our personal stories unless it serves their purpose. It may make sense to compile data from the personal stories and get a paper in at a senior level to those in Parliament who might represent us more vocally. Who are they? maybe get direct media attention as well.

Secondly who is likely to buy up the KSF assets? They also have a mortgage book which is pretty valuable and could be bought by a financial institution for an attractive price. I assume that is what PWC is trying to do and why there is a delay until 20th Nov.

Lastly, the reasons for anyone making a deposit on the Isle of Man should not be an issue. Alasdair Darling is trying to cover up a huge blunder (freezing Iceland assets) by implying we depositors are all tax evaders and should not be treated like citizens or reponsible people. It is implied we are all tax evaders who are getting our comeippance. That is clearly untrue. But more imortantly, that is NOT the issue. We all made deposits in good faith and expected to have access to our hard earned money. We are not criminals!!! And we should not be treated as such. With such a global economy, many people have money in many accounts around the world: for legitimate reasons, be it business, avoiding currency fluctuations, paying debt in different locations, whatever. Given the degree of funny accounting and shady personal expenses of various politians that have been payed for by UK taxpayers (you may recall this news a few months ago), Darling does not have a leg to stand on with this type of attack. We are hard working people who are desperately trying to eke out an existence in extremely trying times, with a world economic maltdown that everyone is dealing with. Tax evasion should not even be on the radar screen!

I am interested in what the rest of you think along these lines.

action plan

I couldn't agree more that we appear to be being punished as off shore investors. If Alastair Darling wishes to tackle the issue of the tax implications for him of offshore accounts then he should negotiate changes at another time. Meanwhile our plight needs to be addressed as an immediate, separate issue.

I think we should also be

I think we should also be asking the question of MPs: "Why are the KSFUK court papers sealed ?" ,making the point that this is unprecedented and that it's not the case with Landsbankii. Why just KSFUK. What is there to hide?

Sending The Position Paper to MPs

I emailed The Position Paper to Damian Green my MP yesterday, suggesting that it might be a useful reference for him and within a couple of minutes received a reply "Many thanks", which may indicate that MPs appreciate something like this for reference.
We had quite a discussion on this a few days ago, but now all seems to have gone quiet or I've lost track of it :)

John McFall is to chair TSC on Monday

His e-mail address is john [dot] mcfall(?)blueyonder [dot] co [dot] uk according to his web site.
He has said on that IOM will probably be discussed at the TSC hearing .

Before I lose it again

What forum is this contact site under someone please?

Contact your MP

Just select 'Contact your MP' (right top menu - 'Important Please See...'), then click 'General Contacts Forum' under the list of parties.


My list again

I keep losing this site where is it ?
Sub comittee members

Andy love
lovea(?)parliament [dot] uk

collin breed
breedc(?)parliament [dot] uk

graham brady
bardyg(?)parliament [dot] uk

Jim cousins
cousinsj(?)parliament [dot] uk

John McFall chairman
mcfallj(?)parliament [dot] uk

John Thurso
thursoj(?)parliament [dot] uk

mark todd
toddm(?)parliament [dot] uk

michael fallon chair man
fallonm(?)parliament [dot] uk

nick ainger
aingern(?)parliament [dot] uk

Philip dunne
dunnep(?)parliament [dot] uk

Sally Keeble
keebles(?)parliament [dot] uk

sion simon
simon(?)parliament [dot] uk

Sir Peter viggers

treasury commitee
treascom(?)parliament [dot] uk

UK administration order

The order putting KFS UK into administration was heard by the Companies Court, part of the Chancery Division of the High Court on 8 October. Case was number 8805 of 2008.

Liquidator Provisional/Administrator Postal Address

Living in Australia makes it difficult to find some info. Does anyone have the full postal addresses for PWC liquidator provisional KSF IOM and Ernst & Young Administrator KSF UK. If so perhaps they would post them in the Contacts forum

UK administrators

Maggie Mills, Tom Burton, Alan Bloom and Patrick Brazzill
Joint Administrators of Kaupthing, Singer and Friedlander Limited
Ernst & Young LLP
1 More London Place

Liquidator Provisional

Mr Mike Simpson
60 Circular Road
Isle of Man
British Islands


IoM Treasury Minister Allan Bell is on
today's 'Sunday Opinion' programme on 19 - 10 - 08 Today
FM 97.2 AM 1368 Manx Radio together with:-
Eirikur Bergmann is a professor in political science and director of Centre for European Studies at the Bifrost University in Iceland. He has written several books on Iceland's relations with the outside world.
The programme starts at 1205 hours British time can be heard on the internet:
Click on Listen FM or Listen AM

You can phone in with a question/comment on (01624) 661368 - Phone-in Line
OR E-mail a question ( Try to e-mail early, as later ones can get ignored ) to studio(?)manxradio [dot] com

Allan Bell on Manx Radio Now

Just about to start. Interested to hear if he will have anything to add to what he told us yesterday.


Hoping this is the right place to post this, I've just discovered [from another site contributor] that there was a Meeting yesterday in St Helier. Having notified both the Economic Development Department and Senator Ozouf that I had an interest, I'm rather pi66ed that I never knew about the Meeting.

Someone met Roz, saying he was representing several KFS IOM depositors. I'd be hugely grateful if that gentleman would also contact me through this website, please.

Do you happen to know what

Do you happen to know what the meeting was about? Are they looking closely at their compo (or lack of) arrangements? I am with the HSBC over there and although the parent company looks well capitalised I am very edgy at the mo for obvious reasons..

How to get a better response from your ambassador

Dear group,
I gather that the response that I and several other UAE folk have received from either the British Consul General and Ambassador in the UAE has been 'disappointing'.
I have a suggestion for those action group members who are church-goers - because whilst ambassadors are generally remote from most of us ordinary folk, very often the Religious leaders (in my case our Anglican Chaplain) have a good relationship with the local representatives of HM government. I have taken this up with our Anglican Chaplain and he has promised to follow up - in fact as it turned out he is having tea with the Consul general's wife tomorrow.
Just a thought as we all seem to be on a wing and a prayer these days.

British Ambassadors

British Ambassadors are also representatives of the Isle of Man Government, so there ought not to be any 'fobbing off' going on.

But someone forgot to tell them....

The ozzy one just draws a complete blank. Nothing back from them whatsoever.

Will be interesting to see what happens in 36 days (that is the crunch day for us, no money, no home etc etc....) when we go and ask for emergency assistance & repatriation. Might even quite enjoy it, as that is the day we start being a burden on the UK tax payer for the rest of our natural because i'll be bu**ered if i am going to pay any tax again ever.

i haven't otally lost my sense of humour!!

I thought I would amuse you, I have just got onto the Labour Party web site, on it you can start up a campaign, so I started up a GET OUR MONEY BACK Camaign, Its democracy in action y'know
I also hit the Consevative Part Web site and did something similiar, I wonder which one will respond forst??

As usual I cant find anything

Just been on the labour site
couldnt find your campaign but this is not unusual for me ; )

Nice one, now try the Lib

Nice one, now try the Lib Dems and Vince Cable.

One must be inclusive!

i haven't otally lost my sense of humour!!

Good going Expat. You’re obviously not just a hot media celebrity. You are also discovering a geeky cynical side to you that I guess some of us have!


There are some great letters here that can be personalised for people who are nervous writing to officials.
For any in the UK and IOM a hard copy letter would be better, but email will do.

We should all check out

Write to

It gives the contact details of you own MP's and Euro MP's, so every one can be contacted, not just the people already listed.

Good luck, keep up the fight.


Web Links

Here's a tip: if you complete the full address you automatically get the link!

Jeremy Clarkson

Some people were saying it would be great to have him on board. I don't know if he has been contacted yet. All I could find out for contact was was - his wife is his agent and he can be booked , it would seem, for speaking from -info(?)speakerscorner [dot] co [dot] uk; 02088668967.

Aidan Doherty's Mobile Number

+44 762 4462887 - needless to say, it's switched-off. Try an SMS.

Contact details Francis Maude MP, Horsham, Sussex

Pippa Way
Office of Rt Hon Francis Maude MP
WAYP(?)parliament [dot] uk

Dubai Consul General Contact details

Guy Warrington | HM Consul General | British Embassy Dubai |PO Box 65 | UAE | * email: guy. warrington(?)fco [dot] gov [dot] uk ( telephone: +971 (0)4 3094221 | ( fax +971 (0)4 309 4225) ftn: 8485 4220 : website: : visit our blogs at:

MP who champions Crown dependency interests

Andrew Rosindell (Conservative, Romford) has a history of championing issues relating to the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.

andrew(?)rosindell [dot] com

Scottish Secretary to meet HM Treasury

Not sure if this has been posted before but the NEW Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy is to hold talks with local councils and the UK Treasury to discuss how to retrieve funds stranded in Icelandic banks.

This seems primarily in respect of monies deposited by Scottish councils but I've taken this opportunity to contact him (I am a Scottish UK taxpayer after all) and request that he make representations on our behalf.

He can be emailed at scottish [dot] secretary(?)scotland [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk should anyone else want to get in touch.

I have just emailed him

I have just emailed him and brought his attention to this site and all the innocent people that have been affected. Fingers crossed,however, i have said before that i have emailed my local MP Anne Moffat and Alex Salmond 3 days ago with only an automated reply !!

John Swinney - Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance

I also emailed John Swinney in his capacity as Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance @ scottish [dot] ministers(?)scotland [dot] gsi [dot] gov [dot] uk

An automated reply included the line "The Scottish Government aims to reply to you within 20 working days of receipt of your correspondence", so I don't hold out much hope. Same reply you got probably madmax836.

Also Emailed Alex Salmond AGAIN !!!

Emailed Alex Salmond again too

John Swinney emailed..........slainte

Hi TCA just emailed him also.................. slainte

Conservatives Abroad

Those UK UK citizens not living in the UK might like to write to:-

Michael [dot] Rutt(?)Conservatives [dot] com

Ernst and Young v. PricewaterhouseCoopers

If Ernst and Young are administrators (which I have read) in what capacity does Mike Simmons act as provisional liquidator and working for PricewaterhouseCoopers. He has also instructed lawyers to act on our behalf to unfreeze assets held by the UK and Iceland. What lawyers? and WHY if we are now being represented by the UK in negotiations?

Ernst and Young are the

Ernst and Young are the administrators for KSF UK.
Mike Simpson of PricewaterhouseCoopers is the provisional liquidator for KSF IOM.

Ernst and Young v. PricewaterhouseCoopers

Thank you = any idea why they are appointing lawyers though? If the UK are 'on our case'?

Probably because there are

Probably because there are both legal and political avenues to pursue in Iceland.
Also PWC have appointed lawyers in London to try get back the money that KSF IOM loaned to KSF UK and is now under administration by E&Y, 60% of total deposits from what we think.

thank you

thanks for your comments..............things begin to make sense.


Does anyone have any contact details Ernst and Young (the administrators for KSF(UK)Ltd)? It might be worth firing in some questions to them the same as to those directed at PWC on the IoM in relation to the 'in flight transfers' - spoke to KSF(IoM) Ltd today who confirmed that money was shown as having left IoM account on 7 Oct and is being 'held up' in the UK.;

mmills(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com;
tburton(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com;
abloom(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com;
pbrazzill(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com

Email addresses of EY partners dealing with KSF UK administraction;

mmills(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com;
tburton(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com;
abloom(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com;
pbrazzill(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com

Email addresses of EY partners dealing with KSF UK administraction;

mmills(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com;
tburton(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com;
abloom(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com;
pbrazzill(?)uk [dot] ey [dot] com

Email addresses of EY partners dealing with KSF UK administraction


I used to work there and I'm currently trying to make direct contact with a few people I knew in the corporate recovery team. This won't be easy asthe thing to remember here is that even within E&Y there will be a lot of confidentiality around this, so people not directly 100% involved with the case will know absolutely nothing. Very much a 'need to know' basis. Will update if I have any luck.

e and y

this would be very helpful if we could get any insights from e and y on in flight transactions. if forthcoming, please could it be posted on "Status of In Flight Transactions from KSF IoM" forum


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