Directors' Report Oct 9 2008 to July 15 2009

Directors' Report Oct 9 2008 to July 15 2009

Joint Deemed Official Receivers’ and Joint Liquidators’ report for the period from 9 October 2008 to 15 July 2009 (Taken from Bank website)

Please find attached the above named report.

We would like to draw attention to the following paragraphs:-

Page 17, paragraph 3.5. Amount owed by KSF UK. The Administrators of KSF UK have confirmed that the minimum dividend will be 20p in the pound and payable in July 2009.
Page 19, paragraph 3.10. Other legal matters: Bank of England. A judgment was handed down on 10 July. Although it was agreed that KSF IOM should be entitled to a share of the £147m deposit, it not known at this stage what the company may actually receive.

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