Mike Simpson Correspondence to Edwin Coe 14/05/09

Mike Simpson Correspondence to Edwin Coe 14/05/09

Dear Mr Greene,


Thank you for your e-mail dated 13th May 2009. I have no objection to you
writing to me direct, although I would be grateful if you would copy your
letters to Seth Caine.

Dealing with the points raised in your e-mail, I would respond as follows,
using your paragraph numbering for ease of reference:-

  1. I have now received the proxies. Thank you.

  2. I am still making arrangements for the counting of the votes on Tuesday. It is my intention to release the results of the votes as quickly as
    possible following the Scheme Meetings, however it is very unlikely that the
    results of the votes will be announced at the meeting.

  3. We are informed that the Treasury intends to abstain from voting at the scheme meetings.

  4. I am checking the position in this regard, and will revert to you
    further on this point




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