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Samaritans | Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Isle of Man (ksfiom) Depositors Action Group



We are all very worried, some of us desperate, but remember you are not alone.

As an Action Group we are here to provide on-line support, information and a forum site for our members and an overview to the general public to understand our plight. We hope this will help you feel you are not suffering alone, wherever in the world you may be. Please remember that as an Action Group we are fighting as hard as we can and exploring every avenue to find a solution to this nightmare. Don't give up hope. All is not lost.

At our members site you can join in a debate on-line or just post your thoughts and find thousands of people who understand how you feel. However, we are not set up to provide counselling, which we leave to the professionals so we would ask that should you feel in need of this kind of help or experience a moment of extreme crisis, please call The Samaritans who can be contacted by telephone on the UK number 08457 90 90 90

For outside the UK, there is The Befrienders Worldwide who are the International arm of The Samaritans, and are available in 40 countries and on 6 continents


Please note that the content of this site is no longer regularly updated, and much of it may be outdated.

See this page for alternative sites.

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