Summary of On/Offshore Banking & Taxation Research

Summary of On/Offshore Banking & Taxation Research

Here is a summary of the extensive research project on On/Offshore Banking and Taxation which Emabroad has done.

The summary is a very précised version of the methodology, research and findings of the main report.

The report itself includes data from a survey of 58 onshore banks and building society accounts; personal experiences provided by Expatriates together with a survey of the ID requirements of twelve offshore banks and building sociieties in Guernsey and the Isle of Man for comparison. In addition the relevant laws and regulations and official and industry guidelines are quoted as are the statements from various senior members of HM Government, over several weeks, which gave rise to the urgent need for this research which validates a complete rebuttal.

By discrediting us and thereby engendering negative public opinion, HM Government has, so far, successfully publicly justified its inaction on our behalf. I hope that this summary will be useful for forwarding to press, MPs and other contacts, to expose the truth of the matter and completely dispel the myths perpetrated by senior members of HM Government, for the purposes of political expediency.

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