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DCS Scheme Manager Correspondence to Edwin Coe 09/06/2009

Dear Mr Greene,

Thank you for your email.

Regulation 16 of the Compensation of Depositors Regulations 2008 (as amended) (for link see – www.dcs.iom/Regulation.pdf ) provides as follows:-

Edwin Coe letter to Scheme Manager 09/062009

For the Attention of Mike Fayle - Agent to the Scheme Manager

Dear Mr Fayle

I have been provided with a copy of your letter sent to claimants on 5 June 2009. We understand that it is proposed that each depositor will receive a full payment of £50,000 (subject to deduction for the Early Payment Scheme) in the next few months.

You say in the course of that letter:-

Correspondence from Cains (Advocate for PWC) 08/05/09 to Edwin Coe

Dear Mr Greene

We refer to your email addressed to Mike Simpson which refers to your
discussions yesterday and raises two points which you state are worth
repeating. Mr Simpson has asked us to respond, which we do below using
your numbering:-

  1. Your comments in relation to the potential effect of the Scheme of

Edwin Coe correspondence with Cains (IOMT Legals)

Edwin Coe to Cains 4th May 2009

Dear Mr Caine


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