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IoM Advocate | Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander Isle of Man (ksfiom) Depositors Action Group

IoM Advocate

IOM Advocate 4th update 17/12/08

The update is available in PDF format here

Questions from the KSFIOM DAG Legal Representative

The following questions have been asked, by DAG legal advocate, John Wright, to relevant parties

2nd Update from IOM Legal Advocate

Author: Diver

There have been a few developments in the IoM which I believe you all should be aware of.

Explanation of Manx Liquidation Law

Explanation of Manx Liquidation Law - from IOM Legal Rep.

1st Update from IOM Legal Advocate

1st Update from IOM Legal Representation
Dear Diver

I write to provide an update of what I have done to date.

Participation list


I've been getting a few emails from depositors concerned to make sure they're name is included on the list of supporters for the legal representation on the Isle of Man.

Appointing Legal Representation on IOM

A solicitor on the IoM has now been identified and having talked this through with other active members of the Group I intend to officially appoint him in the next few days.


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